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We offer lessons in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments.  Classes are available at the instructor's home or yours.

Approaches to efficient and disciplined practice styles are discussed at each lesson.  Young learners receive a substantial technical and artistic foundation, while students at higher levels learn to refine their practice methods, explore their creative and aural capabilities, while advancing to greater heights their technical, improvisational and performance skills. Studies include a range oftopics that cover areas of musical development such as: 

- Performance, technique and interpretation
- Music theory
- Harmony and rhythm
- Aural development 
- Memorization

Lessons are held weekly, with assignments structured so as to make the learning process more of an enjoyable discovery of oneself and the art of music. 

Kathy's School of Music, LLC offers music lessons for the following instruments:


                                          - Piano 
                                          - Voice

                                          - Guitar

                                          - Bass

                                          - Drums

                                          - Violin





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