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Children's Programs 

Kathy's School of Music, LLC provides a nurturing environment for parents to introduce their children to music. Within our supportive community, students develop new skills and unique ways to express themselves through their lessons. Their teachers, who are experienced musicians themselves, provide inspiration and guidance in an intimate setting.  Lessons have a relaxed and open atmosphere where learning is fun, challenging and creative. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced players are welcome. 

Adult Programs 

At Kathy's School of Music, LLC, we recognize that people come from different walks of life with different needs; this is also true in our music education programs. No matter what your skill level, our dedicated staff will help you refine and hone your talents, while providing focused instruction that recognizes strengths and helps to overcome weaknesses. With lessons in the comfort of your own home, you will have the opportunity to experience the joy of music with expert guidance.

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